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Main Title for Amazon's The Tick (2017)

I am excited that my first post of this blog is to announce that I had the fun honor of animating a really neat title sequence for a super fun show.

Always a fan of freelancing for Shine, I couldn't be more pleased that they were the first to call me up a week or so after returning to the freelance life to work on this rad project. And I was extra psyched to try my hand at this style. The jaunty lines and shapes and playful animation was very satisfying to play with.

A neat part of this workflow was using DUIK for the first time. Considering the extremely fast turnaround I needed an easy to jump into IK solution for After Effects. I figured out the basics in a couple hours and was up and running... literally-ish I suppose.... -ish. I really couldn't have met my deadlines without it.

This was a phenomenally enjoyable title sequence to spring board back into the wide and wooly world of freelance motion graphics.

PS, the show is a really good time. Enjoy!

Studio: Shine Creative Director: Michael Riley Executive Producer: Bob Swensen Lead Animator: Penelope Nederlander


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