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I'm Not an Illustrator. I Just Like to Draw. Sometimes for Work.

Photo Jan 31, 6 32 38 PM

Cover art for show pitch.

Photo Jan 31, 6 31 48 PM


Photo Jan 31, 6 32 58 PM

Previz illustration for a 3D spaceship.

Photo Jan 31, 6 31 33 PM

At the mouth of the cave.

Photo Jan 26, 6 05 51 PM


Photo Jan 18, 11 13 37 AM

Pattern image for 3D gold filigree.

Photo Jan 31, 6 31 16 PM


Lady Likes Her Skates

An illustration for a fundraising t-shirt.

Riedell Mythic Warrior

Riedell Skates RollerCon party poster and social imagery.

ACAP Spartan Shield

A shield that is dear to me.

Draw This in Your Style

A Draw This in Your Style hosted by Eve with an "E". Check her version out on Instagram at: @_eloenne

Cosmic Gamer

A for fun illustration... just for fun!

Apocalypse Christine

She said she'd ride roaches after the apocalypse. I wanted to see what that would look like.

Militant Feminist T-Shirt

Fundraiser t-shirt design.

Lonely Penguin

Comic of a lonely, yet ingenuitive penguin.

Geralds Bad Day

Gerald really didn't have a good day. He's kinda sad.


She's such a kit. I'm such a pup. Happy anniversary every day, babes.

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Birthdays mark years, years mark adventures.


Uncolored print for Bittercup.

Derby Girl for Coloring

Get out the crayons! Color a derby girl!

Race Car Koala

An illustration for a baby shower.

Four Big Wheels Sketch

A sketch for a Shovels and Rope tattoo.

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